Hand Fabricated Glass Jewelry


Hand Fabricated Glass Jewelry


Alexis Berger

  • Graduate, Rhode Island School of Design

  • Graduate, School Of The Arts in San Francisco (SOTA)

  • Featured Artist, Craft Magazine

Beautifully crafted, translucent beads with finishes reminiscent of Art Nouveau and the Belle Epoch, Alexis Berger's craftsmanship is of the highest standards and comes to form pieces imbued with her unique, creative vision.

All her lampworked beads are handmade and kiln annealed to insure strength and quality.

“Glass as a material, allows me to paint with light and color in three dimensions, which is critical to making the natural motifs that inspire
my art.”

Alexis Berger was born and raised in Marin, California. She graduated from SOTA (School of the Arts) in San Francisco where her strong portfolio led to acceptance at design schools across the nation. She graduated from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) in 2005 with a BA in industrial design. Alexis’ training in design and craftsmanship using a wide variety of materials and methods put in place the foundation skills necessary to teach herself lampworking after graduation.

Love of family and the Bay Area brought Alexis back to California where she worked with two San Francisco architectural firms. 

Her freelance position enabled her to simultaneously develop her lampworking skills. In 2008 she began to work full time in her
Berkeley glassworks studio. Her work has secured entry in juried art
shows, galleries and select shops. 

Alexis lives with her husband Sam in the East Bay, they share a love of music, dogs, friends, and cooking. 

Notes about Alexis’ work:

Lampworked beads and pendants are annealed in a kiln to insure strength and durability. The soda lime glass and findings used are
sourced from all over the world.